Mrs Flannery's Chocolate Recipes

I feel that chocolate is a very important discovery for humanity. Chocolate has been found to have many health benefits (especially natural, Fairtrade dark chocolate), but there is something to be said about the simple, sweet essence of chocolate. Almost in the same way as yoga, chocolate can bring a relaxing peace to the mind. A warmth, a youthfulness. Chocolate is almost romantic in itself; it certainly makes a good gift to share. Whatever the purpose, chocolate adds that extra touch of humanity to an otherwise wearisome life.

This website was created so I could share my favourite chocolate recipes, in order to spread the chocolate-love to younger generations! These have been my most successful dishes and my grandchildren love them. Now, why don't you take some time out of your busy schedule to knuckle down and just bake something yummy?

- Mrs Flannery

A picture of Mrs Flannery